Country RegulationCountry RegulationAsk to local authorityCustomerBefore you start purchase please confirm that the imported product will match with your country import regulation and custom duty for a smooth clearing process. If any help needs please ask to us.
Country RegulationSelect ProductEmail, WhatsaapCustomerPlease select your car or auto parts if available in the stock or please order us through Whatsapp or Email.
Country RegulationPrice NegotiationEmail, WhatsaapCustomer↔PQS JPPlease get your purchase order item through our official email and check item specification and price.
Country RegulationInvoiceEmailCustomer↔PQS JPGet invoice by email with Consignee Name and Address, Item specifications, Price, Shipment conditions from us.
Country RegulationPayment TransferBank / PaypalCustomerPlease check the Bank Account Details on the invoice, once you paid to the bank or Paypal please send the TT Application scan or picture by email as payment proof.
Country RegulationPayment Confirmation EmailPQS JPOnce we receive the payment we will inform you about the payment confirmation receipt for your purchase, also please double check Consignee details to make any correction on the document free of cost.
Country RegulationShipment StatusEmailPQS JPOnce we prepare international shipping arrangements, vessel booking then you will get an update about the progress.
Country RegulationDocument StatusEmailCustomer↔PQS JPWe will send the shipping documents verification copy for final check before dispatching. If there any correction needs please contact with us.
Country RegulationDocument TrackingEmailPQS JPOnce we prepare shipping documents we will send document shipment DHL Tracking Number to track the parcel.
Country RegulationPurchase HistoryMy Page LoginCustomerPlease register and log in to my page from our website and enjoy the features.
Country RegulationReceive Your Cargo Local Custom Authority CustomerPlease visit your local Customs Authority to release your car or parts submitting the shipping document which you got from us.